I need YOUR help!

A kind reader emailed me asking about this picture I posted here a few weeks ago...
I snagged the picture online from a site that labeled it as a DIY headboard from BH&G mag - problem is, I don't think that was correct, and ME being a lazy blogger, didn't link the image back to the site from where it came (I know, shame, shame on me)
So...I want to provide the accurate info on where the picture came from, but don't have a CLUE where I found it! Please tell me this happens to you every now and then... Anyway, do any of You know the source of this picture? If so, please, please, pretty please comment or email me!

So sorry to a) the reader who was kind enough to read my post, only to be led astray on the link deets, b) The blogger who first used the image, and to whom I owe a crediting link, and c) You guys for not posting more frequently since I've been Stateside - my parents (where I'm staying) live in The Sticks, where the internet connection is slow-to-nonexistent. In fact, my surfing ability has been curtailed to the degree that I'm having withdrawl symptoms...Perhaps it's time for a blog-surfing 12-step program! ;)

Hope to see ya'll soon!

UPDATE: Sweet reader, Uwkimmy (don't know her actual name, but she looks really nice!) clued me in that she's fairly certain the headboard was featured in a BH&G DIY special issue, Summer 2009, along with instructions on how-to. Thanks a mucho, Uwkimmy! :)