My fave (uninteresting) things

I was recently tagged by Maureen at Ingletalk, and Averill at Odi et Amo to name six uninteresting things I love - hmmmm....well, you could just about take Averill's list, copy and paste it into MLHP, and you'd have mine, but I thought I'd give it a little more effort...

So, without furter ado...a peek into just how mundane I can be...

1) Moss - Yep, you read correctly. The soft, squishy, green stuff. Love it on rocks, between pavers, and especially when it covers planters and urns.
via JRM
Thank you, THANK YOU for the pic, Jenny
2) Copper Pots - Like 'em new-n-shiny, but have high regard for it after it's seen years of recipes, splatters, and delightful meals. It's a bit of an investment, but it's timeless, classic, and with a bit of TLC, will last for-EVAH
3) Font - I'm so obsessive about font, I might need to check out OCD rehab programs! I'm one of those people who looks first at the script of an invitation before the I read about the event. I hate that Blogger has such a limited font roster, and that I'm forced to use Trebuchet...I subscribe to monthly font newsletters - Yep, amateur font geek, that's me.
for more, go here
4) Vintage Linens - The softness of laundered years gone by. What can I say - they just don't make 'em like that anymore (well...they DO, but you'll pay out the whazooo...) I prefer character over lineage.
From the rustic...
from here the pristine
and here
5) Paper - From stationary (heavy cotton, please) to wrapping (it's the first impression of a gift, right?) - I'm all over refined tree pulp!
letterpress stationary from smockpaper
To die for letterpress recipe cards and box from 1canoe2
6) Hardware - I know, not real original in the detail-oriented design world, but it's true of me none-the-less...Door knobs, bin pulls, plumbing fixtures, etc. Life's too short for all the gorgeous options!
Some of my all-time faves...antique brass bin pull via RH

if you're in the market for one of these...go here