Rescue Me, Fashion God-dess!

collage via fashiontribes
I've mentioned before my rather mundane fashion sense, right? Well, maybe I'm being a bit harsh on myself - I'm not toodling around in faded-wash, tapered-leg, "mom" jeans...YET! Still, I wish I could pull together outfits the way I can envision a room...

Lucky for me
(and You!) I ran into Jill, who blogs at The Good Life for Less. Girlfriend has so much natural style goin' on, I NEVER would've known she's also a Mom of two! (Not saying moms can't be effortlessly chic - it just takes a bit more natural flair than I apparently have!)

Anyway...Jill has started a new venture called The Good Look for Less - where she offers wardrobe styling and consultation based entirely on your budget, shopping preferences, and lifestyle
Yeah, yeah, most of us don't exactly consider ourselves "celeb" enough to have a "wardrobe consultant," but I'm tellin' ya, Jill makes it work for us Real Peeps! You have to buy clothes, right? So, might as well ROCK the outfits you wear!
You can reach her here, or by email: goodlifeforless(at)

P.S. - Did I mention how much I love entreprenuerial Moms? Best of Luck, Jill! ;)