The Confession Booth

So, I mentioned my super-slow internet access at my parents'...
When I can't take it anymore, and hives begin to break out on my body, I make the quick trip across town to my sister and brother-in-law's casa, where I can surf in blazing splendor because they have a new one of these...
Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's don't really COVET their Mac, I just want one for myself, so let's just place this sin in the Lust column. Yep, one of the seven deadlies...(can you tell I was raised Catholic?)

...And...speaking of lust...Did ya'll watch the MTV movie awards? Nope, me neither, but I heard Twilight got some serious props, AND they released the new trailer to New Moon {swoon} Now, despite being completely sucked in (pun intended) to the vampire saga, I'm also the last person to hear about pop culture news, so until today, I didn't know there is a novellete on Stephenie Meyer's website: Midnight Sun. It's Twilight as told from Edward's point of view. Killer. Two-hundred-sixty-four pdf pages - that's a cakewalk for us Eddie luv-ahs (I wish!) the author's sad tale of how the story was released, and get your fix!

P.S. - Did I mention Ben is jealous of my plutonic affair with Edward?

P.P.S - Do you think Brooke and Mark would notice if I stuffed their Mac into my suitcase, and left them this?
There's an adorable screensaver pic, afterall! ;)