The Heat is ON

The calendar marked this past Sunday as the First Day of Summer, but the skyrocketing temps here in South Texas make it feel closer to Labor Day. All I can dream about is what kind of pool I'd prefer to be lounging in...

Wouldn't it be nice to cool my jets in a
lagoon with beach entry?
Or what about this piscina, surrounded by a rainbow of mod pods? I imagine it would be extra fun for the crumb-crunchers
This small and private tropical oasis would be perfect for a nighttime adult swim ;)
...But, if you want privacy, why not go all-out with a secluded, Caribbean villa? (Hey! This is my fantasy, I can exaggerate if I want to!) Seriously, if I landed here, I don't think I'd ever leave...
I don't know, though...something about the Southeast Asian-style lap pool draws me in...the symmetry, serenity - the Balinese know their bidness when it comes to water
All this lust for a swimming pool...{sigh} I think I'll just have to settle for a cold shower... Hope you're keepin' cool!
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