Design Dilemma: The Big Girl Room

My baby girl is TWO YEARS OLD today!
There comes a time in a toddler's life when a change of bunk is in order. Although this Mommy isn't quite ready to say buh-bye to the baby crib, with all it's infant connotations {sigh}, it seems Avery is craving something that matches her ever-growing sense of independence.

Alas, it is with a large dose of nostalgia that I begin the adventure of converting Avery's room to
A Big Girl's Room. The sting of saying goodbye to Babyhood and all it's precious acoutrements has been somewhat alleviated by the seriously darling images I've found to get my ideas flowing.

Rather than go with the Flowers or Fairy or Frou-Frou route, I'm envisioning an elegant little abode. Something still fit for a Princess, but not exactly coated in twinkle dust.
Right now, I'm leaning towards bright pink, tempered by lots of white, and very possibly with a grounding of navy. Somewhere in the back of my brain, I'm conjuring this...
Living Room by Mary McDonald via Domino
This is a bit more tropical punch than I'm going for, but isn't that headboard fun?
Maybe something a little more like this (minus the bubblegum walls)
Yep, hot pink and navy (see the fretwork headboard) - me lik-ey!
Bedroom by Barrie Benson via Domino
Here's the headboard we'll use. I'm thinking I can paint it a deep midnight blue to get the effect.And, I might even attempt a simple canopy - because what kiddo doesn't like to feel like they're under a tent?
Apple Paltrow's Hampton bedroom via adorninc
I think I could handle making something like this one
...Truly, I'm favoring the white sheeting-fuschia monogram combo more every minute - You Moms out there are screaming IMPRACTICAL, I can just hear it! ;)
...But then there's these soft-palette, just heavenly rooms by Serena & Lily
So many choices...only one room...