Gettin' Scrappy With It

I've been tagged recently by Jenny at My Favorite and My Best, and Federica of Sweet as a Candy with the Honest Scrap Award. So in the spirit of candor, I've tried to put together ten honest-to-goodness things about myself you may or may not find interesting...

1. I have a good deal of formal education under my belt, which includes a Bachelor of Science, and professional license in Nutrition. Add to that a law degree, but I have little-to-no interest in practicing either of those professions. I have no training, but feel naturally suited to, the trade I'd most love to pursue: design. I struggle every day with how to best channel that passion...

2. I try to be the adventurous "see the world" woman I was before we had Avery, but truly, I just want to be able to spend most my time with close family and friends.

3. One of my college roommates credits me for her political "conversion." We had the most interesting debates back in our UT days, and I'll admit, she introduced me to a new lens through which to view situations. Back then, she was destined to be a diplomat. Today, I'm the "dip," and she hosts a radio program and blog in Austin. She's one of the smartest women I personally know.

4. I had what I consider to be some of most excellent obstetrical care in small-town North Carolina - and would consider flying my midwife just about anywhere to assist in the delivery of Baby #2 (whenever that happens!)

5. I'm not ruling out the benefits of Brazilian plastic surgery (Isn't everyone getting their nose tweaked these days?)

6. I don't like to admit it, but my competitiveness sometimes rears its ugly head in not-so-productive ways.

7. I generally can deal with major crisis, it's the small stuff I sweat...

8. I was raised by parents who began their life together without formal education, and who (in their words) didn't have "a pot to pee in." Hard work, savings, and discounting any need to "keep up" are family values I appreciate, and am grateful for being taught.

9. I have a high pain tolerance.

10. I've lived (platonically) with two men.