Grill it Up

As many of you most certainly spent some time around BBQ's and grills this holiday weekend, I thought it mighty appropriate to bring you some eye candy in the way of Outdoor Kitchens. If you find your skills in the (interior) kitchen lacking, perhaps all you need is an exterior oasis of the gourmet kind to stoke your culinary flames!

Where weather permits year-round outdoor entertaining, this to-the-hilt set-up might be a worthwhile investment
I can certainly imagine catching cross breezes by the perfectly-placed water element near this pavilion
image via here
Gas grill - Check. Pizza oven - Check. Guacamole ready for me to dive in - Check. I'm good to go.
If a smaller, more organic feel is what you'd prefer - consider a rustic-but-not-rusty grillin' area
Don't let the relative simplicity of the above picture fool you - it's the work of the doyenne of outdoor spaces, Sandy Koepke. Here, one of my all-time favorite al fresco spaces, complete with zinc-topped table and a kegerator ;)
More examples of her work:
If you're more Urbanite, and have not an acre to spare - I feel certain a simple Weber would feel right at home on this divine rooftop.
from here
If you're a Purist, you can have a true, Brazilian Churrasco (shoo-has-ko) installed. Pit fire set for the perfect flame...
...Especially when your final results might look like this. Mmm....Tasty!
I won't be a buzz kill with the estimated costs of building your killer outdoor kitchen - Dream a little outdoor gourmet dream!