Knock, Knock?

It goes without saying that first impressions are everything. I believe this is equally true of a home. When approaching a house with a ho-hum entry, all I can ever think is what a missed opportunity to wow visitors.
Grand doors may be expensive, and beautifully-staged landscape takes time to cultivate, but it takes little more than one's imagination and a fabulous paint color to create a memorable welcome via your front door.

In both of my previous neighborhoods, there were any number of homes with doors painted in colors that certainly reflected the owner's personality. Whenever I'd stalk walk by, I'd always wonder what the home's interior had to offer. Was it as interesting as the entry?

Don't you know the residents of this home are cheery and warm, perhaps willing to offer a stranger a cup of tea?

Or here, with this glossy black number, and the careful selection of hardware and potted plants. Surely this must be someone who dabbles in the creative world.
Justify FullShocking chartruese? Paired with indigo walls and kilim runner - they've definitely got me at Hello!
In case you doubt the power of a Red Door...
A painted door doesn't have to contrast to impress. This mossy-sage dutch door does a lovely job of becoming one with its surroundings.
Clearly, this owner understands the statement made by complementary colors. Deep violet against red brick, with lime green door decor. May I come in?
If you're in the market, it never hurts to have unbelievably gorgeous hardware, like Miles Redd.
I'm a pawn for all things hardware, and door knockers, kickplates, and house numbers are certainly no exception.
What does your front door say about you and your home? If it's an image you'd like to improve, I hope I've given you some food for thought - get thee to your paint store, and send before and after pics!