Monday Calgon Moment

Yesterday, we met some friends and their kiddos at a new restaurant we'd heard is good. It's located in a waterfront park named Pontão, where many people go to eat, let their kids play, and just enjoy the outdoors.
We had a feeling the place might be a bit nicer than your usual take-the-kids-to-lunch joint, but even considering that, I was impressed. It has what I'd guess might be one of the best atmospheres of any eatery here in Brasilia - I thought you might like a peek...
As you can see, the restaurant is literally a floating vessel.

As you walk up, there's some comfy deck seating for cocktails. I imagine this lounging area is really nice as you wait for your table on a busy Friday night.

You're then greeted by a lovely and friendly hostess (who, when she saw me loaded down with large camera, "let it slip" that she's also a model - with legs that long, who am I to argue?)
The roof is thatch, with a very intricate weaving down the center. Click on the pic to see it better. How 'bout those giant drum shades? I can only imagine how gorgeous this place is at night - Yes, I will be back to see for myself, camera in tow, again!
The water-side seating amounted to a very cabana-like feel. Lots of draped canvas and panels.
But you are by no means required to take a table - if lounge seating, with views of the water is your sort of thing. See the gorgeous Moroccan lamps? Here's a close-up...The whole place had the most incredible mix of Brazilian/Ottoman/Colonial style - I am smitten!
I get the impression the Friday/Saturday night date crowd does a lot of sitting, sipping, and looking very good while doing it!
Here's my Limonada Suíça (fresh limeade) one of my favorite Brazilian sucos
The food is described as being Asian-influenced, but our friends ordered beef filets, and the kids had pasta. I had a salmon roll, and lettuce wraps.
The food was good, the service was good, and the ambiance was insane!

But, I think next time....we'll make it a date...without our kids! (no offense, Michael)
P.S. - It is MLHP's 1st Birthday today!!! Thank you very much for sticking around for all my ramblings - I love you guys, and hope you'll stay for year two!
Merci Beacoup, aussi to Sucre in NOLA for this amazing macaroon tower image!