My Little Kitchen

I just ordered Avery this play kitchen...Whenever a friend has one, she's all over it, and really, how could I pass up this terribly cute, retro version? (It also gets great parent reviews - muito importante!)
I couldn't avoid buying the kitchen from a Big Box store, but I was hoping to go more of the "buy local" or handmade route with the play food to round out her Cozinha Pequena.

I found these handmade felt foods on Etsy - they are beyond adorable!
Fruits and Veggies do the body good! Just wait...
Chicken dinner...I'll take the drumstick, please!
Here's some petit fours and tartlets for those with a taste for sucrose.This has to be my favorite - complete sushi meal!
This woman's eye (and patience) for detail is amazing - but she only sells the patterns for these little darling yummies - not the goodies themselves! So, do any of you have any experience with making these felt foods? Are they difficult to make? I'm just crazy about them!