Project Progress

During my short, self-imposed blog sabbatical last week, I spent some quality time with my friends: sandpaper and paintbrush...
As I anticipate the delivery of my treasured imperial trellis fabric this week (woo hoo!!), I wanted to get a move on the paint process for the chippendale chairs, so they're ready for the upholsterer.
Remember my first test of orange paint? Too bright. I Returned to the paint store, and found a "test paint"- basically tempera paint/primer. I'm really liking the deeper, richer orange....Can you see the difference?
So, I figure once I get the color in my fave, high gloss finish, I'm good to go.
I will say, though, that I'm more than a tad intimidated by the thought of painting all the knots, nooks and crannies of the faux bamboo by brush - I fear a drippy nightmare...but, 'tis my only option...down here, spray paint is available in very few colors, and is quite pricey...

I didn't have such good luck with a selection of blue paint for Avery's twin bed. This was the darkest color they had - not nearly the navy-to-midnight hue I'm searching for. (again, this was a water-based "sample")
This testing session has me questioning whether I should paint the bed. I LOVE the idea of the deep navy against the bright pink of her bedding, but something is bugging me about painting over this wood (and that RARELY happens) What say you? I need some input, peeps - Would you paint the bed? Why or why not?

**UPDATE** - Fear of brush streaks and drippy-drips ABATED by sweet blog commenter, Mintaghome. Feast your eyes on THIS bad boy! Claims to turns ANY paint into a fine "professional finish" mist. Amazon. Less than five bucks. DONE. (Just might put my project on hold 'til I receive it) Don't worry - full product review to come post-project. That is all.