A Magic Mushroom Moment

Did you know September is National Mushroom Month? I thought I knew my 'shrooms, but when we moved down here, and hit up the (very good) sushi restaurants, I had the chance to try shimeji - tiny little caps that grow in clusters. Most often, they are served simply sautéed with soy sauce and butter, and They. Are. Dee-lish!

Turns out, though, that my taste in mushrooms is not limited to the food variety. The more I got to thinking about it, the more I realized that rooms designed with the zen-like color can be most appealing. If you're not a fan of the fungus, perhaps you can appreciate a few images of mushroom of the non-edible kind.

Think of Mushroom as a range of colors - not just a stagnant taupe. It can be cool, with hints of gray - truffles come to mind, or toasty, with undertones of yellow - sort of like my yummy sautéed shimeji!

If Martha's paint color selection is any clue, methinks she craves all sorts of 'shroom varieties
...And she's forever rockin' this seemingly subdued color - like using it as a master palette for vintage mirrors and gilded pumpkins (cue: more Fall decor drool)
...And carrying it into her famous, new kitchen
Right down to the details of her massive collection of drabware
To me, mushroom says, "I have class, I don't have to shout it out." Love it here with the infusion of yellow. Room by DC designer, Sally Steponkus.
via cocozy
I happen to think it's a wonderful choice for a classic or cottage bathroom
We used a lightened-up version in our bath in North Carolina - this color works magnificently with my favorite hardware finish: polished nickel.
Lest I miss the wonders it can work for a serene bedroom (aren't those windows amazing?!)
Taking a cue from the pros - hit the 'shrooms in the form of details, details, DETAILS

For example, Farrow & Ball's Lotus wallpaper even hints at those underbelly folds of a meaty portabella.
Or this beyond-fantastic cement mosaic tile (I really do think I could donate a limb to have a kitchen floor of this stuff!)
by Villa Lagoon Tile
In the more budget-friendly world, you can have your mushroom fix via this simple, castered bookshelf by West Elm
Now, go on - hop on your Magic Mushroom carpet ride!