Buggin' Out and Goin' Home

This week has really gotten away from me, I can't believe it's already Wednesday! I don't think I've mentioned, we are flying to The States tomorrow for a two week vacay that will include a 40th Birthday Party for my hubster, Ben!
We are really looking forward to the visit with family, friends, and of course, getting our fill of our favorite foods. There's a joke among those of us who live abroad about what foods we scramble to eat when we visit The States.
On that note, please forgive me for leaving you with the images that have been filling my brain on this eve of our trip Home...

There will be bucket-loads of Salsa devoured...
Hopefully, some Vietnamese...
...or Thai Tom Yum (preferably, both!)
What true South Texas girl can live without fresh, fried shrimp? Not this one!!
Aaahhh.... Michelada, come to meeeee!!!
And, Ben will certainly get his fill of BBQ (he's already talked about how many of "the best" BBQ joints he can hit over the course of two weeks)
I'm sure I'll return a nice, little butterball...but, I'll savor it now, and worry about that later! So tell me...What foods would be first on your list if you'd been away from Home for months?

P.S. - In the image search for this post, I found a new blog love - one near and dear to my heart. If you love the foods of Texas, check out Lisa at Homesick Texan.
**I otherwise don't know where I pulled these images, I was too busy salivating!**
See ya'll soon!!!

P.P.S. - I'm having computer issues in that I can't comment on other blogs today - arrgghhh!! Are ya'll stuck to your screens as much as I am today, waiting for news from UGI or Darby? Best Wishes and blessings to Erika and Chance!