Cindy Crawford - the next Martha, but with A Bod.

Have you seen Cindy Crawford's new furniture and housewares line for JC Penney? The collection is not vast, but there's a subtle glam vibe going on with it that could certainly work in the right setting.

This pair of nailhead trunks aren't terribly bad...
I can also see a similar (duo) arrangement using these faux bamboo footstools - easily recovered in a more substantial fabric.
I can think of any number of uses for an elegant etagère
Or a fluted demilune in a classic entryway setting.
...In non-design related CC news (here's where you can get your shallow-but-juicy tidbits) She's lookin' exceptionally great these days.

I don't know any woman who's breastfed two kiddos who has boobs that will (ahem, naturally) defy gravity when lying down...
Still, if I were considering augmentation, I'd certainly take her picture in as a great example of The Perfect Boob Job (they fall beautifully, don't you think?)
However, I DO know a few moms who can relate to this post-baby issue...
I'd love to know the name of her surgeon!
Just a subtle lift, Doctor.
OK, don't judge me for analyzing, I HAD to make this post more interesting than a scattering of footstools could provide! ;)