Indian Summer Sighting

Is it too early to start thinking pumpkins and bittersweet? OK, maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit, but it IS the First of September, so at the very least, we can declare ourselves smack dab in the middle of Indian Summer.
You'll have to forgive me...Autumn is my favorite time of year. In my mind's eye, it means crisp weather, college football, and fall festivals - never mind the fact that I don't get to enjoy ANY of that down in Brazil!! I still live in North American seasonal terms, so come September, I start daydreaming of the imminent change of seasons.

When we lived Stateside, I took great joy in tweaking a few things around the house to reflect the seasonal shift. We had a grand front porch in North Carolina, so it goes without saying that the pumpkins and mums became a prominent display. Inside, I'd rotate the crisp and cool colored bed linens to those of chocolate and caramel. I'd burn candles scented with spice and vanilla, and, inevitably, start craving cozy, comfort foods!

Sadly, I don't participate in all that seasonal ceremony down here - it's just not the same. So, I'll reserve my rituals for when we return Home, and in the meantime, live vicariously through these images and (hopefully) your stories of how you honor the change of season.

What do you do to bring the hint of Fall into your home?
Do you bring out a special collection - maybe the goldrenrod pottery?
Do you bring out the cozy wraps and throws (Read: NOT a snuggly!)
Find these here
Do you take every chance you can get to shuffle through fallen leaves, reveling in their soft, earthy scent?pic from here
Do you succumb (with glee!) to seasonal cravings - like these pot pies and toffee-covered apples?
find recipes for both here
Or, do you delight in the simple touches that foretell of goodies to come?
Please, share.