Project Woe-way

I had high hopes that I'd be able to bring you some great project updates today... Instead, I'll tell you the story of Project Woe-way.

I was excited to receive the much-anticipated
Preval Spray Gun on Friday, so I thought a painting session might be in order.
I promised an objective review once I had tested the sprayer, so here goes...
I wasn't too impressed with The Sprayer. We tested it on (the backside) of Avery's headboard. We thinned the paint as recommended, but the effect was still very stippled (i.e. "orange peel")
Perhaps, it would be better for a smaller project, or maybe even with a water-based paint, but in summary, I'm gonna have to give it a thumbs down if you're looking for an even somewhat professional finish. I'm still not pleased with the shade of blue, either...but that's not the sprayer's fault!
Moving on... Did I ever tell you I ordered a cute, vinyl wall decal from an Etsy seller? It too arrived, Friday, so we tried to put it up. The directions weren't too clear, but Ben is patient and perfectionist - still, this had him frustrated.
First, the decal didn't want to part from the backing paper, and it stretched and pulled in the areas around her name. We finally succeeded in removing the backing, carefully placing the decal on the wall while using a ruler to "iron" it out as we went. It was to no avail - it turned into a bubbled and wrinkled mess.
Too bad, too, because it would've been so cute! I've emailed the seller about the predicament - she's offered another decal for a discounted price, but I don't know....Your thoughts?

I feel like Spaulding in Caddyshack: "Double Turds!!!"

...And, last but not least, I'm still trying to find coordinating fabrics to use in Avery's room. I was happy to find a hot pink ikat pillow on
Fabricadabra. My thought was to replace the (yes, hideous) pillow on the rocker. It would've been a vast improvement for the chair, but the color of the ikat doesn't work with her bedding - it's hard to tell in this pic, but the ikat has a hint more purple. And, anyway - silk in a toddler's room isn't very practical.
I'd love to use one of these Quadrille choices, but think they are cost-prohibitive...
So....I'm back at Square One on several projects, but I'm certain these twists in the design road will lead to ultimate décor bliss!!