Weekend Adventure

Saturday, we took Avery out to a nearby Jaguar Preserve with a group from the Embassy. We had heard wonderful things about the place, despite the somewhat treacherous drive required to get there. The Preserve prides itself on providing a natural place of respite for jaguars, pumas, ocelots and other animals rescued from poachers - who more often than not, mistreated the animals horribly.

This animal sanctuary was amazing - the beauty and magnificent strength of the cats enthralling! Here's the large, male
onça-pintada, who was none too thrilled with his audience.
The pumas appeared more laid-back, but also seemed to take a keen interest in the small children...
After the first meet-n-greet with the animals, our guides took us on a small hike to a fantastic little waterfall, where the kiddos took a swim.
One of our guides got in on the cool, water action.
The natural flora of the preserve was also interesting. This is a jabuticaba (say, ja-Boo-tee-caba) fruit tree. Amazing in that the flower and fruit develop on the tree trunk and branches, rather than budding from the leaves. It's aroma - jasmine-like, was intoxicating!
I have a thing for parrots - and there were plenty to enjoy: blue and red macaws, green amazon parrots, and even a token (and adorable!) toucan!
I tried to make friends with the red macaw, but things went downhill when her "love nibbles" got a little too close to sensitive areas. Nice face, huh? ;)
Just when we thought the day was winding down....out comes the jaguars' dinner (the wheelbarrow, not the blond morsel!)
...And 'ol Mr. Big Cat got geared up for action
Just me and Pumpkin, enjoying some more parrot action
Overall, a great day for the Portu-Gieses!
Was there any wildlife on your agenda this weekend?