He Said, She Said: Orange!

Since we're celebrating the season of robust spice colors, I thought it might be fun to get my hubster's take on the use of orange in home design. Hope you're willing to sit through another dose of He Said, She Said...
Ben: Don't like it. Too many pointy things. Doesn't look comfortable.
Me: Why? There's lots of pillows.
Ben: Yeah, and even THOSE look pointy. There's nothing soft - the mirrors look like Tammy Faye Baker's eyes. I would definitely not feel like drinking a beer in that room.
Me: {Rolling Eyes} Good. I don't think I'd want you drinking a beer in my sleek room, but yes, it's a little too perfect, doesn't exactly look lived in. OK, moving on...
Me: Swinging Platform beds - how rockin' fun is that?
Ben: It's busy. I like the chest with the palm leaves.
Me: It's a beach house.
Ben: Only thing you can do in those beds is sleep.
Me: {sigh} Someone's trying to be quite the jokester...

Me: OK, what about a pumpkin-colored clawfoot?
Ben: I like it - looks cozy. I like the chair.
Me: Me too, I like the idea of having furniture in a bathroom. OK, so we agree. Simple, but nice.
Me: Let's go the other direction - all out, full-frontal floor-to-ceiling orange subways.
Ben: Reminds me of Sesame Street.
Me: Why?
Ben: Something about the orange "brick" reminds me of all the brownstones on Sesame Street.
Me: Got it.

Me: I love this bedroom. I love the how it is bold and tailored at the same time. Perfect amount of texture in the leopard-print footstool and bamboo shades, but think the crisp white bedding and flood of natural light makes this room doable. What say you?
Ben: Yeah, looks very comfortable. I think they need a painting or something above the bed.
Me: I think it's meant to look seamless.
Ben: But it's not - the headboard and paint don't match exactly. I also think the books look too staged.
Me: OK, another orange, but very different bedroom.
Ben: I LOVE this bedroom - it looks real, lived in. I like how they combined the stripes in the duvet with the floral pattern on the walls. Could that be a fireplace way, way to the left? If so, then this room is very, very cool.
Me: Agreed.
Me: This is a living room designed by Miles Redd - it is ALL OVER the design blogosphere because of the high-gloss peacock blue paint with the interesting mix of orange and patterns.
Ben: This is a man's room? I like the colors, not necessarily the blue walls. I wouldn't want this is my house, but for someone else, it's great.
Me: I'm with you. I like it, but 'tis not for me.

Me: Now THIS room could be for me!
Ben: You like this? That is NOT good.
Me: Well, I can't see living with children and having this room, but I could see ME in this room.
Ben: I don't think it's functional. I don't see people sitting on a bed in a living room.
Me: True. Good point.
Ben: N.O. I like a splash of orange here or there, but this is ridiculous.
Me: Yeah, bit much for me, too. It just strikes me as an expensive kitchen that will quickly be torn out by the next homeowner.
Ben: Yeah, definitely.
Me: Love this bedroom. Killer chinoiserie wallpaper.
Ben: Yes, I like the pattern, just don't know if I could relax in a bedroom this full of orange.
Me: How about more of a melon-y, peachy dining room. Traditional molding, and chairs mixed with modern table, light and art.
Ben: It's a good mix. Great place to drink your OJ in the morning - to feel awake.
Me: I like the fabric on the chairs a lot, too.
Me: This is one of my favorite "saved" bedrooms.
Ben: Perfect amount of orange.
Me: The combo with the barely-aqua walls does it for me.
Ben: Mmm-Hmm, conveys a tropical feel without being overly "beachy"

So, we agree a little orange can go a long way - and very soon, will do so at Casa Giese!!

Photo credits: unknown, coastal living, country living, interiorbit, jennifer flanders Design, spark!, HB, Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors, Flickr, Sara Story via StyleRedux, MaterialGirls, John Willey via HB