Je t'aime: La chaise café français

A design element that for years has stopped me in my tracks is the classic, French cafe chair. I don't think I've ever met one that didn't win my heart. Perhaps it's the connotation of the chair's origin - Paris. Street side cafés drinking wonderful coffee or wine. People watching.
There's a lot to be said for bringing home an item that conveys such leisurely pursuits...

Which is why, I'm forever tearing-out, and digitally saving just about any picture of a kitchen who's owners obviously share my sense of romanticism.
This Victoria Hagan kitchen would do wonders for my soul each and every morning.
There's such an interesting mix in this London loft's kitchen (ahhh...that commercial cabinet!), you almost miss the chairs.
A beachy abode with a french twist - cafe chairs and cabana-striped rug - works for me!
This eat-in kitchen represents the best for me - casual dinners with family and friends, lingering over that long table.
Drew did it right, too - open shelves full of whiteware, retro fridge, and yes, the chairs. Can you believe this is her production company's kitchen?
Katie Lee Joel's tête à tête version. Oh, and the steel-frame windows don't hurt, either.
The chairs, in red - à la Provence.
If space is limited, there's always the bar stool version
Perhaps there's just some looks meant to produce daydreams...{le sigh}

Photo credits: AT, Things That Inspire, Telegraph-UK, Material Girls, HGTV, Domino, Domino, Visual Vamp, HB, HB