Living like The Natives

Whenever we can't make a decision whether we want to cook or go out, chances are we end up here... of our favorite food haunts.

The interior is lively - typical
...but we prefer the ambiance of the back...
There are any number of "natural" food restaurants in Brazil - Naturetto just happens to be the one we habit. The offerings include a huge salad bar (perhaps may favorite in Brasilia), as well as an extensive hot food buffet and churrasco.
I'm very appreciative that it is easy to "live organic" here - we really don't have to seek it out, or pay more for any supposed cachet - it's just a fact of life in Brazil.
I'm sure you've all heard something about the "amazing" benefits of açaí - the super-antioxidant-rich berry that originates from the Amazon. In The States, it is sold as a diet aid and supplement - a worth-it's-weight-in-gold superfood, if you will. Even Oprah hopped on the açaí bandwagon! Now, you all know I don't buy into hype (except when it comes to butt-lifting tennie shoes! ;) BUT this açaí-banana frozen dessert is yuuuuumy - Avery definitely agrees!
We wrap it all up with a steaming hot shot of caramelized condensed milk - I add a spot of cafe to cut the sweetness...
Now, if I can just transfer that superfood energy-boost to my home design projects!