Opinions, Please!

First things first: THANK YOU for all your kind wishes and notes of congratulations to us - we are delighted to give Avery a baby brother or sister! As some of you have asked: I'm due on or about April 20, and yes, I'll keep you posted on nursery plans (although it'll be awhile before THAT project gets moving!)

OK, you
design gurus - this is my best attempt at a mock-up of Avery's painted headboard and new lamp - the painting is (yes, *sigh*) still a work in progress. Now, however, I've hit a big, fat bump in the road... I'm planning to do a skirted bedside table, but I can't for the life of me DECIDE ON A FABRIC!

With the large-scale pattern going on in the duvet, I gathered a solid, cotton duck would be best. I figured a dark navy, maybe trimmed out with some hot pink rick rack or grosgrain BUT THEN I realized how difficult it will be to match up the blue of her headboard with a solid fabric - two "off" blues does not a mini-diva bedroom make! *Keep in mind - we don't have large, high-selection fabric stores down here - this will be a one-shot online order*

Here's a close-up of the duvet to refresh your memory

So, I'm back to considering a smaller-scale pattern that will (hopefully) coordinate, but not clash with her bedding. Am I insane?

Here's what I've found so far - shall we tally a vote?

Option 1: Batik Leaf
Option 2: Kolar Stripe
Option 3: Tala
Out-of-Left-Field Option 4: Azaka ikat
Option 1,2,3,4 or Throw me another idea - I'm fresh out!