Prettiest Kitchen

image via Antique Shops & Designers magazine
This kitchen, owned by Houstonite and Fabulous Flea designer, Mary Daly, is one of the prettiest I've seen in a long while. I love her casual, open shelving filled with the mix of high-end, silver pieces, and everyday (Target-available) elements like the glass cookie jars. I've got jars exactly like that, but I don't have one fab, vintage-looking juicer. Been eyeing them for years, and think it might have to be on my holiday wishlist. ;)
After seeing this pic, I tried to re-create her little coffee station. Doesn't it look so lovely? Needless to say, I think mine's missing that certain je ne sais quoi...
Maybe it's the ugly granite/dirt tile combo (hey, I didn't pick it out, it's part of the rent-free package). Mary's limestone subways and white woodwork lend themselves better to showcasing silver. So, I have something to aspire to!