Round Top Recap

There was no way I was leaving Texas without a quick pit-stop at my favorite antiques festival. Last Wednesday saw the beginning of "preview week" - now known to we, mere mortals, as the "just-try-to-beat-the-designers/dealers-to-the-good-stuff" week.
We went to a few different areas/booths than we usually hit, and I can't even tell you how much the "new" Restoration look was raging. All Belgian-look, crazy-industrial, I-want-one-of-each, please kind of stuff!
One of the first places we hit was a booth owned by Houston-based design duo and publishers, Dot Dimiero and Dana Aichler (Design District). Everything was uh-ma-zing! HUGE mirrors with killer patina, zinc tables, unbelievable lights hardware and furniture, and interesting collections of sea life poised under glass cloches.
Funny thing was, each time I went to check a price, there either wasn't a tag at all, or it was marked "Sold." I eavesdropped on the booth manager's convo to hear him say a Japanese designer had come in the day before, and bought up about 75% of his stock - he was just getting around to "tagging and consolidating" all the purchases. Seventy-five percent?! How DARE she snatch up all those goodies! Doesn't she know it's all about "spreading the wealth" these days? ;)

Nearby booths, filled with similar yummies. Can your eye stop on just one thing? Mine couldn't, but I did love those giant spools, all thrown together. And that ginormous Palladian mirror in the background would certainly see some love from me - if I had an equally grandiose space!
This sculpture made of grapevine doesn't read well on film, but it's so very unique - would add tons of texture to an otherwise "flat" room. My mom and sister snagged similar versions at the Spring festival last year. Maybe one day I'll "borrow" one!
Some of the (few) smaller decorative items - I was photographing primarily to have the metal stands copied!
My friend, Carrie, spied these canvas cloths stamped with french iconography (I couldn't resist the crown, below). We both plan to turn them into pillows. A bunch of ladies were in the process of culling together their choices to request a "bulk discount." It was fun to see the feeding frenzy brewing over these things - crazy!
Another grapevine (or some sort of vine) item - this time a clever chandy - me likey - but me likey the loveseat it sat on even more!
Are ya'll ready for the holidays, yet? Check out these oh-so-Martha displays
Despite the blistering heat (so much for Fall in South Texas!), we did manage a couple of successful snags: First, a man leaving the area drove by us, and offered us two of these tray-style baskets - for Free!
I've been wanting one for awhile, so I was happy to jump on the offer. We told him he'd done his Good Deed for the Day! (Yes, I still need some styling help with mine!)

My second treasure was this pair of 1940's Aladdin lamps for Avery's room. They are milkglass, but I'm thrilled to see they've actually got a blush hue to them. They're in great condition, and I can't wait to get them matched up with the perfect shades.
Funny, I actually bought TWO sets of lamps for Avery's room - we were on our way out, and I spied a pair of pink, frosted-glass lamps - they lady offered the pair for $20, so I couldn't pass them up. Then, we literally turned the corner and spied these, which are perfect, and more of what I envisioned for her nightstand. A little price haggling with the dealer, and they were carefully packed for their voyage to Brazil. When you find something that's Just Right, you just gotta go for it!!

So glad to be back - missed ya'll!!!