Why I'm addicted to Blogs

So, I'm trolling outside my usual blog roll this morning, and come across this:
Help Jules Find a Date for El Bulli
I was intrigued...

The Scoop:
This woman, Jules Clancy - Cookbook author, food blogger and self-professed "'girl who plans her holidays around restaurant reservations'" has recently split with her Irish BF. Thing is, she and ex-BF scored reservations over a year ago at El Bulli.
Menu sample from A Day at El Bulli

In case you don't run in three-star Michelin circles (I don't), El Bulli is widely known as The Best Restaurant in the World (holy Foodie, Batman!) - located on the Costa Bravia, in Catalonia, Spain (yeah, my pulse quickened, too)
Terrace at El Bulli, overlooking the Costa Brava

So, as many smart women do, Jules won custody of this fruit of the relationship, but now has no date for her December 15th reservation. Clever blogger that she is, she's hosting a contest to find a date! She doesn't specify whether the winner will be male or female, but I'm guessing since she had originally planned a male companion, she'd prefer to replace him with another (otherwise, I'd be entering - ha!)
The lovely Jules
Do you have one of those guy friends you know would be perfect for someone, or at least as a dinner date? Do they have the means to fly to Spain, eat at a fabulously famous (and expensive!) restaurant, and most importantly, an incredible personality? If so, send them an email with this link to Jules' post so they can enter:
I already sent it to someone I have in mind... ;)

By the way, do you see a movie script in this scenario, or WHAT?!