Get your "O" on

I had heard there was a Louis Ghost Chair knock-off on Overstock, but until the other night, I put it in the Urban Design Legend category of my brain. Lo and behold.... If you love the look of the now-iconic chair, but aren't quite ready to buy the real deal, here for $400 a piece, you can have a pair of these replicas for less than $350 at the big "O." (Buyers are giving them great reviews, too.)
They're also offering acrylic nesting tables, side tables, and coffee tables, too.

Speaking of iconic chairs - are you a fan of Eames' molded plastic model? An original will set you back $500 - "The O" is selling this pair of dead-ringers for less than half that price. I know, amazing, huh?
I really can't get enough of Mrs. Limestone's kitchen reno
...and, if I could get these shipped down here, I'd be all over them.
I saw pics from my cousin's recent trip to Paris... this little settee looks a bit like one sitting in their darling hotel room.
...And if elegant lines are more your vibe, this gray velvet, english roll-arm sofa might work nicely.
Top "O" the Monday mornin' to ya!