If I can't say anything nice...

**Disclaimer** Do not read this post if you'd like to function under the assumption that I'm a Brazilian bon-bon-eating blogstress (but stay, please, if you are easily amused...)
Vintage leather chairs, by Isaac Mizrahi

A few reasons why this week needs to go ahead and wrap itself up:

1) Avery's been sick with what her pediatrician called a "summer cold." No real symptoms, other than a high fever, general malaise, crankiness and disrupted sleep. Poor kiddo - I think she wants to feel better, but in the meantime, doesn't mind taking it out on Mommy and Daddy.
Awesome kitchen and banquet in the background - source unknown.
2) A Country selected to host the 2016 Olympics needs to get it's you-know-what together in terms of basic infrastructure, like say, um....ELECTRICITY. Last night, the power went off and on, off an on, in ten to sixty minute increments for four hours for no apparent reason.
Victoria Pearson's kitchen via my favorite HB spread
3) My ass has challenged my baby bump to a "Who can grow the biggest" contest - and is winning.
In Brazil, there are three "classifications" to the size of a rear end: Bundinha = Tiny Hiney (a la Avery's cutie), Bunda = Classic, normal rear end, and then there's the Bundão = Bootylicious (demonstrated here by Ben's oh-so-classy bottle opener)
When I whine to Ben about second-pregnancy rump woes, he says "You'll bounce back like you did last time." But, I know him - I can hear the "if-I-make-it-a-factual-statement-it-will-be"ish in his voice.
With all due respect, please spare me the smug comments about sitting on my developing Bundão to write blogs, read blogs, and generally wear a mold into the seat. I have a BS in Nutrition, with a Minor in Sarcasm - I'm quite familiar with the equation of more input + less output = wearing lots of black. What can I say, I'm committed to you MLHP groupies. Apparently, Fat and Fabulous, too.
...and her bathroom, too.
4) Can I have a design mulligan? I took the cool Paris map print for Avery's room to the framers. I originally hoped for a gilt-look frame, but they are ridiculously expensive down here, so, I chose a white frame with a nice relief, and asked if they could paint it. For whatever reason, I thought the blue paint I used on Avery's bed would work - you know, coordinating colors, etc, etc. but now, it's WAY too matchy-matchy (something I detest).
When I asked Ben what he thought...he said, "Well, I wouldn't have done it like that." Thanks, hon - feel soooo much better. So, what do you think? It's professionally framed, so I'm not easily poppin' that baby out to spray the frame. Should I just try to seal the glass as best as possible, and paint it another color - any color besides the ubiquitous ink blue? Would I be insane to try to paint it gold?
Oh, and her patio.
...But (thankfully), there's a silver lining...
Yesterday, I hosted a playdate for the kiddos to paint dough Christmas ornaments. It was crazy and chaotic, but lots of fun watching all their creativity come alive.
We're off to visit good friends in Rio this weekend, and I can't wait for the change of scenery. I promise to return rant-free (hey, at least I threw in some eye candy for ya! ;)