Kitchen Daydreamin'

Did you happen to take note of this kitchen done by Windsor Smith in the November issue of Traditional Home?
I honed in on like a hawk. If you like a kitchen that dresses up for dinner, it's pretty much perfect. All the polished, white marble teamed with high gloss ebony, touches of silver and a dash here and there of Chinoiserie.
The details kill me - look at those oversize, polished nickel bin pulls she used in the island! And that lacquered, black finish on the wood - we'll let pass the knowledge that it must certainly show every speck of dust, the slightest nick or blemish...

The elegant pendant adds a nice touch of color, and the pair of lamps in the sink area create a this-is-more-than-a-cook's kitchen ambiance. Looking at that huge window over the sink, there's no doubting the wonderful view the owner (or her housekeeper) must have when doing dishes, but also imagine how beautiful the view must be at night - looking into that kitchen all aglow.
No need to mince words here - there's no High-Low about this beauty, but we "average folk" can dream a little, right?