My so-called Fabulous life

There have been several occasions when I've explained to someone that we are members of the Diplomatic Corp here in Brazil, and the response is always, "Oh! How exciting, how glamorous!"
Just so there's no confusion:
our life down here is interesting, challenging, and sometimes even exciting - in a "Wow, that's different" kind-of-way, but in no way is it glamorous.

There is one night, though, each year when we have the chance to put on our best bling for a very good cause. We did just that Friday night - in celebration of the 234th Birthday of the United States Marine Corp.

Each year, the Marines host the Ball to recognize the history of this honorable and valiant branch of the Armed Forces.
It was moving to watch the color guard pay tribute to their fallen brothers...
And a privilege to share in their celebration - Here, the Embassy Unit cutting ceremonial birthday cake with a sword.

But, as we ARE in Brazil, the pomp soon segued into festivity - with a truly perfect night as our backdrop...

The bar...where I made Ben order a girly, blue cocktail!
DJs, and Big Screens, and Flame-Throwers - Oh, My!!
We had a wonderful time

...And, by the end of the night, were kicking our (well-heeled) feet up!

Happy Birthday, to the Marines!