Rio Recap

Just a quick recap of last weekend's trip to Rio before we all bug out for lots of food, family, and football! (I know I promised a full reveal of Avery's room, but let's hold that thought until next week, 'kay?)

Ben had work to tend to this week in Rio, so we tagged along for some R&R over the weekend, and to visit with good friends. If you weren't a MLHP groupie last year at this time, be sure to check out the post I did on our hosts' amazing and beautiful home.
I didn't think it could get any more lovely - until I saw their newest addition...
Oh yes, just a little infinity pool, with an incredible view of the beach. Why certainly, we'd love to come back! ;)
Speaking of beaches, here's one nearby where surfers of all ages abounded with the high tide
We hit up one of my favorite spots for great gift ideas, and even better people watching - the infamous Ipanema Hippie Fair - held each Sunday. There is a load of wonderful (and incredibly affordable) art, hand crafts, and yes, some tourist knick-knacks.
That painting of the Christos (top row, middle) nearly came home with us. Next time, my love, next time. (Unless of course, we opt for the Carnaval god-dess there on the left)
Have you seen these white, patchwork hide rugs at Serena & Lily? They call them the "Brazilian Rug." Yep, same ones - about a third of the S&L price. If you want one, let me know. I'll be going back to buy a hide sooooon.... I can rock it like Lauren!
via Pure Style Home
The last night, we stayed in Ipanema. We weren't right on the beach, but our room had a nice (albeit tiny) view of The Christos.
Walking along the beach before dinner...
Pão de Açúcar
We considered a bite from here...
...But, thought it might taste, well, like....

And, right before settling on a spot, passed the Girl from Ipanema bar - where Jobim and Moraes allegedly wrote that mesmerizing tune...
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
***Obrigada, again, Alex and Anelisa for your limitless hospitality!