Sugar and spice, and all things nice...

That's what little girls are made of...and we're having another!

We had an ultrasound yesterday, and learned that Avery will have a baby sister! Ben was hoping for a boy, but I'm a little relieved to know we'll have another girl. Looking at it from a purely practical standpoint - I have just about everything I need down here for a baby girl, and that's a good thing.
More importantly, she looks perfectly healthy - measuring right for gestational age, and moving around like a belly dancer - she even waved hello!

It's funny, though, how my brain went through a quantum shift once I knew for sure it was another girl (my "mother's instinct" suspected it all along). Unlike the first pregnancy, I hadn't been daydreaming of the nursery and picking out names, but yesterday afternoon, it all came flooding back.

I'm starting to think about what I'll plan for a nursery, and I took a few minutes to plug in favorite names on Nymbler - a fun baby-naming site if you're not familiar.

It would be perfectly sane to re-use Avery's nursery design - here, in our prior home in North Carolina... {sniff, sniff} I loved that precious room!
...but I just don't know if I can resist a nursery project! It's very possible I'll be able to sell the pink bedding ensemble for what I paid for it, if so, I'll seriously consider a whole new nursery look.

Just a few thoughts off the top of my head...
Can't get enough of these aqua/yellow combos
...And, the chinoiserie elements of Quadrille's Lyford fabric have always made my heart go pitter-patter
I'd love to use either the light blue or yellow colorway on a bumper and skirt...
But, knowing the relative price points of Quadrille, I need to put that idea in my pipe and smoke it!

On a good note, there's a wealth of fabric options available from various Etsy sellers who make custom baby bedding...
Surely, I'll be able to find something but, I also would be ever-so-grateful if any of you know of any Lyford look-alikes ;) Let the hunt begin!!