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Everyone has their special way of getting into the holiday spirit. Early in our dating and married years, Ben and I would look forward each year to seeing The Houston Ballet perform The Nutcracker. Watching Tchaikovsky's classic is one of my all-time favorite ways to experience the splendor of the season. I can't wait for the first time Avery is old enough to see Clara dance with her beloved Nutcracker Prince, and venture through the dreamland of the Sugar Plums and Snowflakes!

I don't imagine there are too many little girls who, after seeing The Nutcracker, don't aspire to be ballerinas. With their lithe limbs, graceful relevés, and beautiful frothy costumes who can resist the allure?

If her imagination is so captured, then maybe I'll have the chance to encourage her with an oh-so-subtle reference via room decor - that doesn't include a plethora of princess-themed gaga!

Wouldn't a collection of costume design sketches be wonderful?
Here, an original costume sketch by Ivan Vsevolozhsky's , dating to 1892.
The Rat Queen, by Inga Borg.
Or, maybe a more modern approach - like these Nutcracker-inspired fashion plates by 19 year-old Emily Wong.

If, additionally, the music enchants her, perhaps we could take a cue from other clever designers and use music sheets from The Nutcracker Suite as impromptu wallpaper - could be rather fabulous!

Inspired by these images...
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So, what holiday tradition inspires you beyond The Season?