...All tied up with string

Do you plan your gift wrap? I'm a bit of a packaging snob, myself. I certainly feel that the effort to put together an interesting wrap ensemble constitutes part of the gift. I tend to go with gift "themes," but the last few years have stuck with a classic, solid glossy red paper with white, wide, double-faced satin ribbon that is easily reusable. Until today, I really hadn't thought about what sort of gift packaging "look" I'd go for, but since I forgot my stash of ribbon in Brazil, I'll be changing things up a bit. I must be in a no-fuss kind of mood this year, because this brown parcel paper/red baker's string combo is striking a chord...
However, going simple doesn't necessarily mean going lame. There's always gift tags to help dress up a package. I could spend hours perusing paper goods... Found every look you can imagine on Etsy - some faves I'm considering (and, clearly, need to get a move on ordering!) Simple, elegant from paperandinkling
Charming, from lynchgirl
... and js design
and whimsical. From PrettySmitten
...and HenriHopper (my frenchie-owning sister needs these!)
But I really don't know if I can turn down one of these clever creations from EveryJotandTittle

Eeenie, Meenie Miney MO!!