Good Grief!

It's tough to blog about pretty, "designerly" things when you're in a funky, non-festive mood - as I am today. I love being Home for the Holidays, but it doesn't change the fact that we're out of our home, out of our routine, and sort of just bobbing around in our family's daily activities.
Avery has gotten to an age where she misses her friends and "normal" schedule when we're away from Brazil, and it shows in her behavior - she's bored. It makes me feel like a less-than-stellar Mommy when I fail to fill her non-preschool days with fun play and activities. It also makes me fearful of what our lives hold in the upcoming months...
Since we have elected for this baby to be born here, rather than in Brazil, we (Mother and dependents - no Daddy-O) are mandated to be firmly planted on Stateside ground a minimum of six weeks before, and six weeks after Due Date. Needless to say, as much as I'm excited about the new baby, the thought of our family being split up for at least twelve weeks is daunting.
This is not to say I don't recognize the huge amount of blessings my family and I have been bestowed. I think about military families - Dads who have never seen their newborn child, or Mothers making huge sacrifices to Serve, and realize I need to eat a little Humble Pie...

I don't mean to be today's Debbie Downer. I'd love to present a glossy, design-heavy blog that never wanders into the realm of my Real Life, but then, would all you truly wonderful and supportive peeps hang around?

A front has just blown through, and the Sun is showing her face again. Nice.