Well, I've never been to Spain Bali...

...But I imagine this wasn't that much of a stretch. Pousada Taman Baru lived up to it's claim of providing a unique, Balinese-inspired experience.

The lush grounds seemed perfectly plucked out of Southeast Asia.
My favorite - the inviting swimming pool, with its green granite bottom. With the tiles set in my favorite running pattern..
Once past the suburbs and satellite cities of Brasilia, the drive out wasn't too shabby, either. One of the many Cachoeiras that dot the landscape of this tropical savannah.
We were pleased to find our charming cabana fitted out with my two requirements: a clean bathroom with a hot shower, and cold air conditioning in the bedroom.
Mini-me got a kick out of the netted bed.
Once settled in, we made a quick trip to town. Pirenópolis is designated with an historical marker in Brazil. All of the streets are cobbled with the stone that is quarried in the area. For the most part, it is a quiet and low-key town. Here is the 'old bridge' that connects the areas of the city separated by a small river. The single-car structure reminds me of a ride they used to have at Six Flags that mimicked a runaway mining cart!
There are dozens of pousadas in the area. Traditionally, pousadas were quaint establishments that offered housing and meals, typically located in rural or farmland. Today, the style of pousadas runs the gamut from very simple to eco-luxurious.
Here, a peek down an alley leading towards one of the many in Pirenópolis. Saturday, we took an off-road excursion to find yet another waterfall - this one promised a nice swimming spot. What we didn't bargain for was an hour's worth of very steep, very rough terrain. And the Brazilians drive like it's like the freakin' Autobahn!
This pic doesn't nearly do justice to one of the scenes we encountered that made my heart just a wee bit nervous. Mind you, we have a compact sedan.
It was worth it, though. The waterfall was splendid.
...and Avery had a great time splashing around.
Despite our adventures, for the most part, we did a lot of this...
and this...
It was the perfect respite, and just what I needed to begin mental preparations for the 10+ hour flight Home that we'll take on this Friday.

P.S. - I finally saw New Moon last night, and was not the least bit disappointed! I've read many recaps and critiques, so I won't add my non-film-critic two cents, but I WILL say that I was an emotional mess through 3/4 of the film. Edward + Devastating Breakup + Hotty McHotty Jacob + Pregnancy Hormones = Potentially Impaired Mommy. Go see it - again!