Birds of a feather

Over the last few seasons, we've seen a noticeable nod towards all things avian, most recently the seeming design love affair with all things peacock. I'm a two-time bird owner, so I've enjoyed this trend. My fave: birds of a tropical feather. Granted, one must be careful when selecting anything parrot-esque, as many items quickly fall into the category of bad and/or touristy kitsch. However, I was delighted when I recently spied a handful of decorative items featuring my favorite plumed friends.

Williams-Sonoma Home first caught my eye with this set of tropical bird prints
Upon further research, though, I found a wonderful (and much more affordable) assortment of similar prints available at

Speaking of art, can you imagine how cheery a collection of these colorful, Panamanian molas would be in an otherwise white space?  I see possibilities for a child's room, too!

Accent pillows are always a great way to incorporate a look that might be deemed trendy.  

This handpainted toucan pillow from John Robshaw's collection via HSN has me a wee bit giddy!
WSH offers a more subtle color palette, perhaps a nod towards a Colonial Caribbean garden?
This unique ring-bearer's pillow would be a perfect touch for a tropical, destination wedding!
If you like a touch of the tropics, but still favor a neutral color scheme, this ceramic pair of parrots from ZGallerie might be just for you!
...And, who could resist a little anthro avian love, in the form of a cute dishtowel?

Ben and I have a running joke about these carved-gemstone birds - they are ubiquitous in Brazil - and definitely fall into the touristo category, however, something tells me, before our tour is complete, you'll see one appear at Casa Giese ;)