Do Hormones make you Indecisive?

You all have been so eager to hear my plans for Baby Girl #2's nursery, I feel like admitting my lack of a coherent design will be a great disappointment...
Truth be told, my brain has been inundated with the logistical high-wire act that is involved in a Government Overseas MedEvac (what they call my transfer to the U.S. to have this kiddo).
I'm also wavering on my choice of OB/GYN for delivery. Avery was delivered by a Certified Nurse Midwife (in a hospital in NC), and it was perfect. I'm not convinced the MD I selected in Texas is willing to participate in recreating a similar birth scenario, so I'm currently weighing all my options to achieve that goal...
Oh, and Ben and I can't agree on a name for Giese Girl - what I love, he hates, what he wants, I'm lukewarm on (ugh!)

Needless to say, The Nursery has not been as much at the forefront of my thoughts as it might normally be. However, I head back to The States in less than two months, so I need to make some decisions - That's where I hope you'll come in!

For those of you who haven't seen it - this was Avery's nursery.
It was soft and sweet - but not syrupy so.

My tastes have changed, and I initially thought I would sell all the pink bedding, etc and go for something a bit more bold. However, the reality is: the bedding is in perfect condition, it's Italian-made - so wasn't cheap, and practicality (and time) dictate I keep it. Bummer, I know.
I haven't had the opportunity to get my gray on, so thought this might be a good way to do it.
I'll paint the nursery walls a pearly-gray - something along the lines of that middle swatch.

And where I'll save in NOT buying a new crib set, I can spend towards reupholstering this (admittedly hideous) glider, and hopefully a set of curtains.
This is where I hope to get my pattern fix - but which way should I go???

Stick with an overall soothing palette - maybe an ikat or chinoiserie toile - using more texture than color to achieve interest?

...Or, go all out - letting bold color be a foil to the soft pink bedding - maybe the stripe on the chair, the big floral for curtain panels???
Rest assured, I'll figure out some way to make the room less BORING (at least I hope so!) but in the meantime, I need some color guidance ASAP! Can ya help a Mommy out??