Helping Haitians

Last night, I sat and watched news coverage of the devastation in Haiti. I watched a woman being held by her husband, as she wailed the loss of her four children - her sorrow having brought her to the brink of insanity. I watched as a child Avery's age sat quietly, as her family prayed that a life-threatening infection did not set in where she had lost two fingers. I saw blood running down the gutters instead of rain wash-off. And bodies, lots and lots of bodies. I wept.

If you've been tuned in at all, you've seen it too. The USA will, as it always does, offer its generous hand towards these people who, even in good times, have so little. But what about ME, as an individual? I feel so helpless.
Über-designer and blogstress, Charlotte Moss has pledged a $10,000 donation to UNICEF in the hopes of inspiring others to donate what they can to help Haitians. I can't offer up that sort of assistance, but I can do a little - and pray a lot. Join in. Blog about it - let's get this ball rolling.
Here's the UNICEF link to donate