Red Carpet Ruminations

I don't think I've ever ventured into a post-awards show fashion recap. There are several other blogstresses with a much keener eye for couture, and who also do a stellar job of illuminating the Do's and Don'ts of of the red carpet - and I usually agree with their analysis. However, I've purposely not read any other opinions, so as not to dilute my own.

For the record, I did not watch the Golden Globes last night. I think it's probably the most user-friendly of the award shows, but we are currently six hours ahead of Pacific Standard time, and I was nightie night when the broadcast began. Just a disclaimer that this analysis is based solely on still photos, not anything I viewed live.

Regardless, I always enjoy seeing what the 'Who's Who' of Hollywood wore, and thought I'd throw my two-cents worth in. So let's just have a go at it, shall we?

The Good

Kate Hudson hasn't gotten the best press lately, what with her break-up with A-Rod and all, but I thought she knocked it out in this dress. It's unfortunate she had to carry to train, since the rainy weather would've likely spoiled it, but I think the unique structure is amazing, perfectly tailored, and suits her to a "T." Good revenge, Kate!
I love that Maggie Gylenhaal is willing to take fashion risks - I admire her for it, since I rarely have the huevos to do the same. The salmony-pink complements her coloring, and her svelte frame works with the fishtail hem. I dig it.
I can't believe I have Mariah Carey on a "Good" list! She is usually so over-the-top with her fashion choices, but I this Hervé Léger bandage dress holds her in in all the right places. As for the cleavage - you got it, flaunt it!
**Evening Update** I've since seen many more pics of MC, and let's face it, the cleavage is a tad bit too ka-BAM for decent company. I think I rescind my prior comments - sorry, Mariah.**
For some reason, I'm always drawn to fleshy, chiffony numbers. I think it's likely that not too many people can carry the color off, but Emily Blunt did it well here, IMHO. Like how she kept her bling to a minimum, too - girl knew when to say when. Kudos.
It's too bad the glitterati had to carry umbrellas (or have them carried), because in some cases, it really ruined the look, but somehow, Tina Fey's pretty, petticoated frock looks like it was made to be accessoried with that parapluie - like the 'do, too! A modern-day, Doris Day, if you will - for her, it works.
Chloe Sevigny is another fashion risk-taker. Let's face it, she's not the loveliest girl on the block, but she's interesting, and knows how to take something avant garde and make it look effortless. Some people may be confused by this dress - I think she knew exactly what she was doing, and carried it perfectly.
OK, so Julia might be a bit dressed down for the occasion, but she wears been-there-done-that so well, I'll give her a pass. She's boho chic - the real deal.
The Not-So-Goods:

Cameron - usually she makes clever and interesting choices, but despite loving the Valentino red of this dress, it just looks wrinkled to me. Maybe she was one of those who fell victim to the Umbrella Disaster....
Marion Cotillard - A beautiful woman does not always make a weird dress. The color is amazing for her - the cut just has too much going on.
Heidi Klum - OK, we all know she's birthed four kids, and I give her major props for looking wonderful 90% of the time, but mama needs to support those boobies a bit. Still, she looks better on a not-so-spot-on moment than I did on my wedding day - dammit!
Fergie - I don't know what it is about this woman that just makes me want to hand her a bar of Zest and scrub her. No matter what, she always looks dirty to me. The dress doesn't do much to inspire, either.
Rita. Yes, she's not exactly an "It" girl, and is more interested in benefiting others, but come on - she has more money than God, you'd think she could wear something that doesn't look like curtains. I'm just sayin'...
The Jury's Still Out:

Drew Barrymore - On first glance, I thought, "wow - she looks great," but then I wondered why in the world the atelier (Versace) put that lump of crystallized fabric right at her hip! It looks like some sort of bejeweled tumor. small thing, though, I guess in an otherwise lovely dress - and she looks amazing!
I know I'll get some hisses for this one, but something about Penelope Cruz just bugs. Yes, she is usually perfection in a dress, but sometimes I need a celebrity to not be perfect - does that make sense? Also, I think she dates men to further her career - Tommy Cruise before he went loco, Javier Bardem right as he was winning lots of acclaim for No Country for Old Men. I don't know... The dress here is another beautiful, safe choice. Yawn. Nice tan, though - she can thank the Brazilian sun for that!
Amy Adams - Lord knows there's not exactly a plethora of appealing frocks for us impregnato's, but this one just seemed unnecessarily dowdy to me. She IS an adorable preggo, though, dontcha' think?
Sandy Bullock - she's so gorgeous, so approachable (I've heard), and she loves one of my fave cities: Austin, so it kills me to not rave about her choice. It's not bad, it's just not great. Gorgeous color, and her make-up and hair are perfect, it just needs something...
So, there ya have it, the MLHP Golden Globes Fashion Review. Maybe I'll do another for The Oscars, if you gals don't blast me too much!