As Martha as I get

Every once in a Blue Moon, my inner Martha appears. Yesterday, I needed to put together something for Avery's closest buddies for Valentine's, so she and I decided to go slightly above and beyond on the cupcakes. Don't worry, I'm not giving myself airs, the mix and icing were straight out of a box, but it did the job!

Super easy - just make your cupcakes
Ice them if you like. Then, make a cut-out of a shape - adding a toothpick as a "handle" helps.
Dust with powdered sugar, then remove the cut-out.
It seemed the powdered sugar began to melt into the icing, so I tried a few without (plus, I kinda like icing-free cupcakes - Oh, the horror!) Still, made for a pretty picture...
And, of course - the aftermath.
I think we're still on a sugar high!