Design Dilemma: The Whole Shebang

I mentioned a design project I've been asked to assist with in Texas. My Mom and Sister are in on the gig, too, as the homeowner is my sister's MIL. The room in question is the front, or formal living area of a 1950s era ranch. We're starting with a clean slate, so I'm very excited about the opportunity to work ideas from the ground up. Chances are, we'll get the big stuff accomplished, but we're hoping to convince the homeowner, Mary, to be patient and "cultivate" her accessories over time; not only to provide the uniqueness to her home she desires, but to help guide her in her own tastes.

Mary has been uncertain where to begin with the project, but likes the white slips/sea grass/touch of zebra look that has become a sort of hallmark look in coastal Texas design. However, she wants to keep it a tad formal yet approachable - the crisp white shirt and pearls version of a room. This spread from Country Living has a few key pieces she honed in on - the settee and zebra rug.I've been trying to source a bit, so we can hit the ground running when I arrive in Texas. We'd prefer to buy in-person, and not pay shipping costs, however, I'm at the mercy of geography for a couple more weeks. Here's what I've come up with so far:

This linen settee from Wisteria would substitute nicely for an antique, French piece.

Mary loves it, and was ready to order immediately, but, this one item would eat up a large chunk of our budget. I think we can find something similar - perhaps at the upcoming Spring Antique shows in Round Top and Marburger. I'm also game for a Craiglist/DIY version if we come up short. **You Houston gal pals out there - know of some go-to places for this look? I'll be making at least one scouting/shopping trip to H-town, and need a refresher**

Side chair options will depend on Mary's willingness to mix styles, but here's a few of my thoughts - all by Ballard.

We'll definitely be incorporating some zebra, but I've been trying to think of something besides the standard faux rug or ottoman/coffee table. Overstock never lets me down - a pair of these empire zebra benches could round off the seating options, placed in front of the fireplace.

But, this printed trunk could serve well as a practical-yet-stylish coffee table.

Side tables, lamps and art yet to be unearthed. Thoughts? Suggestions?