Executive Decisions

You might be wondering where I am on the workings for the nursery... I hate to admit it, but I decided not to do anything until we return with the new baby. I know, kinda disappointing BUT, I'm hoping that by just taking my time looking at fabrics, art, etc the room will be more of what I envision, rather than a room I threw together in a fast, furious few weeks.

Here's a basic mood board of where I'm at right now, but, I reserve the right to continue to be indecisive - so the finished room may end up looking nothing like this. Guess we'll ALL have to wait and see!

Secondly, a few of you have asked if I've heard from the midwife group in Houston with a "verdict" on whether or not they'd take me as a patient. I have, and they will. Great news. However, after A LOT of inquiries to multiple practitioners, I've decided to let Nature and The Man Upstairs handle this - I'll stay in my hometown for the delivery of Baby #2.
I've had a lot of reassurance as to the type of care I can expect, and I'll have a slew of support - not to mention having an aunt who is a head RN in Labor & Delivery at the hospital. Taking every logistical, health, and sanity issue into account, I feel this is the best way to go this time round. Yes, I'll miss my first midwife horribly, but all will be fine, I trust. Thank you all for the sweet and supportive comments you left me regarding this decision - it has not been easy.

Lastly, I'm super-excited to have a potential design project to work on when I get to Texas! It's a clean slate so-to-speak, and looks to be challenging but fun. Here's a few of the idea pics the "client" is liking...
all images via cote de texas
Can't wait to keep you posted!