Obsessing (or weird Nesting)

So, yesterday, the Matters of Style gals posted on their newfound love of the black and gold combo. Their post stopped me in my tracks, because I've been itching to paint this french provencial desk we have in our living room.
We use it as a sofa/console table. It's a hand-me-down from Ben's grandparents, and he has expressed disdain over my attempts at a makeover. However, he's out of town this week...
Do you really think he could berate his 8-month pregnant wife for taking out her nesting instincts on an old desk, when it could bask in a lot of glory like this?
The MoS gurus went for a high lacquer look, which I AM fond of, but something tells me a flat black/extra-shiny gold hardware combo might feel fresh, too. Something like this..
I could also gold up the base of those wedding-gift buffet lamps I have, and update the shades. Whatcha think? While the cat's away, the mice DO play??? Honey, know you're reading this in Rio, so how 'bout it?