Photographer Wanna-Be?

Beautiful photography studio* - I see a certain designer's influence, do You???

So, I'm doing my morning Facebook sweep, and see a comment by this talented (and recently published!) woman, about a photography feature on her friend, Marla. It all leads me to the read the feature interview on a lovely blog called The Savvy Photographer.

I know many of you like me, have awesome cameras, but don't necessarily feel your comfort and skill level matches the power of your equipment. I know I'm never fully satisfied with my images, and want to soak up anything that might make me a better amateur/hobbyist photographer. However, I find reading about the technical aspects of photography to be very dry, and quite frankly, not that inspiring.

What DOES inspire me are great images. I think for purposes of blogging, good, or at least decent pictures are of the utmost importance. There are many blogs full of great content, but if they're strewn with small, poorly-lit, flash-captured images, I'm unlikely to stick around. On the other hand, a blog could write little more than ya-da, ya-da, blah, blah, blah, but if the accompanying photos are amazing and tell the story, I'm glued.

I plan to have professional portraits taken of Avery, and then the newbie Giese when we're Stateside, so I've been trolling a lot of photography sites. I'd seriously donate a limb (well, maybe a lock of hair) to have a sitting with Marla, but probably need a Texas photog this go-round) Seeing various photographers' work has made it all the more evident that there are people with talent behind the lens, and then there are people who were BORN to capture the moments of life. Obviously, I'm hoping to hire the latter...

If you share my interest, check out The Savvy Photographer (no, I'm not being paid for the plug). Not only are the images to die for, but there's several sponsors who offer workshops and tutorials that just might turn you (and me) from a wanna-be to a self-respecting amateur photographer!
*Studio photo by Marla and Shane Photographers, as featured by The Savvy Photographer