Upscale Lamps

I finally received my March issues of House Beautiful and Traditional Home yesterday. Upon first flip-through, I noticed an uptick in large scale lamps used in several of the spreads. Have you picked up on this lamp super-sizing trend?
The most obvious example I found was in this family room done by Ruthie Sommers in TH. (By the way, this colorful and family-friendly home is a fave between the two issues)
Although a bit hidden by the sofa, you can tell the celadon green gourd lamp is huge! If it is wired for double lighting, I'm guessing it provides adequate light for a good part of the room, but more importantly for lamp luvahs like myself, it adds instant drama - undoubtedly a statement piece!

In House Beautiful's ode to blue issue, the Venetian glass lamps chosen by Tobi Fairley for this foyer make a truly luscious statement. If you're gonna drop thousands on a set of lamps, you better believe bigger is better!
I've always considered smaller-scale lamps appropriate for bedside tables, to help create a more intimate feel, but I've definitely had a change of heart. These grand, silver trophy lamps only reinforce the stately comfort of this bedroom.
Again, another blue setting - this time a dining room done by Kristen Panitch who took advantage of scale by placing two, large gourd lamps atop an already tall buffet. The lampshades top out three-quarters of the way up the curtain panel, and yet they don't look strange. In fact, they are perfect!
My sister recently needed a pair of lamps for her dining room console. She wasn't sold on the style of these, but I convinced her the scale alone made them worth a try. With a bit more table styling, the pair will soon take center stage!
I'll be anxious to hit up the closest HomeGoods (where sister's lamps were bought) when I'm Stateside to see if there's any more large and in charge lamps!