Bummers...and Silver Linings

Yesterday, a few fabric samples arrived in the mail - one of them being an ikat I hoped to use on the skirted glider in our nursery (oh yeah, remember THAT project?)
The online image made it look just right...
...But, when the swatch arrived, this is what it looked like in person
Ugh. Can you see the sheen it has? Much less true ikat, much MORE granny than I had in mind. Don't you hate it when that happens? Bummer.

How-EVAH, I was catching up on blogs last night, and lo and behold, saw that Jenny is offering to pick up and ship some of this fantastic (and all-too-perfect-for-my-chair) gray and cream ikat. Laaaaa!
Truly, a Silver Lining.

In other news...Please give Jessica over at Lavender and Lilies some love today - she has kindly selected me to participate in her Featured Bloggers series.
And LASTLY...I'm debating whether or not to head to the Warrenton Antiques Festival tomorrow. I try not to miss the twice-yearly offering of all things vintage, eclectic and cool - it's one of my favorite treks. I'm especially driven to go in order to scout some pieces for a room redo, but I'm sitting at 36 weeks prego, dilated to 3+ cm, and having quite a few (what I hope are) merely Braxton-Hicks contractions.
Dare I traipse around open fields for hours on end? My gut says, GO! (And, OB on Tuesday said I'm probably OK) But there is a part of me that wonders if I'll:

a) Be mistaken for one of the grazing cattle
b) Have the sort of fortune that'll cause my water to break with nothing more than a Volunteer Fire Dept. retiree within 30 miles.
What would YOU do? ;)