DIY Sunburst Mirror

One of my Design Dilemma Divas, Jana, figured out a way to achieve a fantastic Look for Less à la Sunburst Mirror. I think it's a rather brilliant idea, and thought you might appreciate a little how-to as well.

Here's Jana's finished product - not bad, huh? Not bad at All! (Especially when you consider total cost: $25)
...And, here's her tutorial:
First, find an inspirational mirror as your guide (Here, Jenny's via MFAMB)
*Be sure to measure the area you intend to place the mirror.
Gather your supplies:
7 bags of 12" wooden dowels
10" ceiling medallion
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
One 10" circle - 1/4 inch thick wood (a sturdy cardboard would work too)
7" round mirror
Gold spray paint / craft paint
Picture hanger

After assessing the diameter, measure out tick marks so you'll know where to glue the dowels. *Hint: Protractors and an elementary recollection of geometry helps!
Next, glue the ceiling medallion to the front, and paint. Jana used gold spray paint for the base color, then touched it up with gold artist's paint to give the color more depth.
Finally, glue the mirror onto the the ceiling medallion, and consider yourself a genius!