Happy Chairs - The Shield-back "Afters"

Every room needs an element of Happy - something that connotes a sense of style, while still imparting the truth that one need not take themselves too seriously. That's why, for Mary's room, I went with this fun, apple-green color on the traditional, shield-back chairs I picked up for $15.00 a piece at our local Habitat Re-Store. Then, recovered the seats in a natural, nubby linen.
Remember their sad beginnings?
Also...I felt like such a Taskmaster this weekend, getting Hubster to sand down the Wisteria-wanna-be console table. "Afters" to be disclosed soon...

In Baby G News: Nada. Zip. Nilcho - that's what I have to offer. Still holding steady at 3-4 cm - apparently, she dipped her toe in, and decided the water's too cold. Wishes and prayers for her to get motivated for life outside the womb are most appreciated ;)