Madwoman on a Mission

I feel like I'm racing against Time to get all my little projects associated with Mary's room redo done before Baby G arrives. Not that I'm not enjoying every busy minute. It has been so much fun watching the room transform, little by little each week.
After our successful trip to Warrenton, we still needed a console/side table. Knowing my travel days are limited (or at least, not advisable) I started hitting the internet bigtime in search of a table that would work for the space, and found this one on Wisteria. The price wasn't great, but also wasn't anything near what we've all gawked at on their website.
However, that's the same day I waddled into Tuesday Morning, and staring me right in the face was this wanna-be...
We're still determining what color we'll paint it, and now that I have The Hubster in town, it's likely he'll get roped into helping with this project. Could be a dead-ringer, though, huh? Isn't design fate funny?