The To-Do List

I feel like my to-do list grows by the minute. Trying to get Isla's passport and visa paperwork rolling so we can return to Brazil, wrap up the details of Mary's room, oh, and (first and foremost) be a focused and present wife and mom is all-consuming, and tends to make me feel I'm living in some sort of time warp. (It's 7 am, wait! It's noon! WHERE did five hours evaporate to?)

One of the things on my checklist is to find frames for this set of lovelies that will grace one of the walls in Mary's room.
Aren't they great? Found them at, and I'm thrilled with the quality!

Speaking of being a mom - I hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day - with your own mother, children, or both! This Mother's Day was bittersweet for me, as my mother is in the hospital, but I received double-the-love from my precious girls.

Lots to be thankful for...